The Explorers Daughter

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The Explorer's Daughter

The Explorer’s Daughter is less focused on the story, it describes the narwhal hunt, but without focusing on the usual elements of storytelling, such as suspense and plot development. Rather, it explores the moral and environmental issues around hunting by indigenous peoples. So you could say it is ‘about’ the issues raised by hunting in the Arctic.

A theme in a text is an idea explored by the author, consciously or otherwise. In a sense, this is a deeper level of what the text is ‘about’. In some cases, the author is very deliberately exploring a theme – as in the extract from The Explorer’s Daughter, which looks at the questions surrounding narwhal hunting in the Arctic and concludes that it is necessary to the survival of inhabitants.

The author is writing about their own experience although the context of it is not focused on them.

Paragraph 1
"...spectral play of colour." This sentence shows a sense of immediate aroma. It is an imagery so give a strong sense of place and setting.
"..butter-gold.." This text shows a sense of wealth
"..shifting light." is Poetical

Paragraph 2
"dead of winter" This is a metaphor - weaker setting
the tone is ominous and there is the sense of…


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