the explorers daughter


The explorer’s daughter


Meaning-show the importance of hunting narwhal in the Artic


·         ‘catching light in a spectral play of colour’- creates beautiful image to attract reader and create a sense of awe.

·         ‘methodically’- adverb on movement shows they are intelligent animals reflects respect for the narwhale

·         ‘glittering kingdom’- metaphor makes it magical, sense of awe

·         ‘intake of breath’- shows her awe

·         ‘turning butter-gold, glinting off man and whale’- romanticized ironic as it is the setting of the hunt contrast to what happens

·         ‘if the narwhal existed…. light’- dream-like doesn’t trust what she sees and emphasises beauty and awe

·         ‘essential’ ‘survival’ ‘necessary’ – choice of surviving language shows that even though it is beautiful it is important and not done for fun she appreciates this importance listing number of reasons why you can justify the hunt of narwhale



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