The Explorer's Daughter

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  • The Explorer's Daughter
    • Figurative Language to describe the scenery
      • "Glittering kingdom"
        • metaphor with reference to light to show how majestic the whales and their environment is
    • Aristotle's rule of three, emphasizes desperation
      • "To dive, to leave, to survive"
    • Spectators contrast the narwhal.
      • "gasp or jump", "clustered on knoll" whereas "slowly, methodically passing each other
    • 3rd paragraph used to inform why and how they use it
      • "Crucial" reflects family's need
    • Technical language used to provide evidence
      • "Fjord", "Blubber"
    • Direct speech shows both sides of the argument. Acknowledging the west and their voices
      • "How can you possibly eat seal?"
    • imagery so give a strong sense of place and setting
      • "...spectral play of colour."
    • "dead of winter"
      • metaphor-the tone is ominous and a sense of place and danger
    • “..clustered..” has powerful connotation, it means that the women are scared so they huddle together and try to comfort each other.
    • Hunter described using gentle imagery- contrast with purpose of a hunt- to kill
    • Description of narwhal as almost magical
      • "wondered if the narwhal existed at all or were ..."


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