The biological approach evaluation

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Evaluation: biological approach

Strength: uses scientific methods of study
To investigate the genetic and biological basis of behaviour, the biological approach makes use of precise and highly scientific methods, including scanning techniques such as fMRIs and EEGS, family and twin studies and drug trials. With advances in technology it is possible to accurately measure biological and neural processes in ways which are not open to bias. This means that the biological approach is based on reliable data.

Strength: practical application in treatment
Increased understanding of biochemical processes in the brain had led to the development of psychoactive drugs that treat mental illnesses such as depression, revolutionising treatment for many. This is a strength of the biological approach becaise it means that sufferers are able to manage their conditions and live a relatively normal life. 

Weakness: it is not based on cause and effect 
The biological approach offers explanations for mental illness in terms of…


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