biological aggression key studies

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  • reserch and evidence psychology biological aggression
    • neural mechanisms
      • vietnam head injury study
        • 279 war veterans lesions to ventromedial frontal lobe
          • correlated with high aggression scores
          • observation of behaviour
          • brain damage = aggressive behaviour
          • appears to support the biological approach
            • supports nature side of the NvN debate
        • evaluation
          • problems with cause and effect
          • need a control group
    • hormones
      • Kouri et al
        • found injecting 8 male patients with testosterone= more aggression
          • aggression measured by pressing a button to accumulate points or take them away from an opponent
          • link between hormones and aggression
            • appears to support biological approach
          • evaluation
            • small sample
            • task to measure aggression artificial
            • experimental investigation  draw conclustions about cause/ effect
    • genes
      • Jim Fallon
        • had the same gene pattern of psychopathic killers
          • yet he did not become violent
          • Jim had a supportive and happy upbringing
          • could support free will and determinism
        • evaluation
          • case study


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