Tests for Ions and Gases

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 2.29 Describe tests for the gases

Hydrgoen - Burns with a 'squeaky pop' sound 

Oxygen - Will relight a glowing splint 

Ammonia - Turns damp red litmus paper blue, Turns Universal Indictaor Purple 

Carbon Dioxide - When bubbled through limewater, it goes cloudy 

Chlorine - Bleaches damp blue litmus paper white 

2.38 Describe the tests for the anions 

Cl-, Br-, I- (Using dilute nitric acid and silver nitrate solution)

Chloride ions + nitric acid + silver nitrate > white precipitate (silver chloride)

Bromide ions + nitric acid + silver nitrate > cream precipitate (silver bromide) 

Iodide ions + nitric acid + silver nitrate


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