Identifying Compounds



Flame tests and identifing compounds

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  • Identifying Compounds
    • Flame Tests
      • Li+ (Lithium)
        • Red
      • Na+ (Sodium)
        • Yellow
      • K+ (Potassium)
        • Lilac
      • Ca2+ (Calcium)
        • Brick Red
      • Metal cations (positive)
    • Test for gases
      • Hydrogen
        • A lit splint in a test tube of hydrogen extinguishes with a 'squeaky pop'
      • Oxygen
        • Relights a glowing splint
      • Carbon Dioxide
        • Turns limewater cloudy/ milky
          • Calcium hydroxide solution
      • Ammonia
        • Alkali
          • Litmus paper: RED to BLUE
        • Forms white smoke (Ammonium Chloride) when reacted with Hydrogen Chloride gas
      • Chlorine
        • Litmus paper: BLUE to RED then bleached white
    • Test for So4: Sulphate ions
      • Mix sulphate solution with hydrochloric acid and barium chloride solution
        • White  precipitate of barium sulphate
    • Test for Co3(2-) Carbonate ions
      • Add hydrochloric acid
      • If carbonate ions are present carbon dioxide is produced
        • Test using limewater
    • Testing for Halide ions
      • Halogens (group 7) form ions called halides
      • Identified  using precipitate colours
        • Precipitate formed= ions present
      • Cl- (Chlorine)
        • White
      • Br- (Bromine)
        • Cream
      • I- (Iodine)
        • Yellow
      • Anions- negative ions
    • Precipitation Reactions
      • Transition metals in a solution form a precipitate (insoluble salt)
      • Mix with sodium hydroxide solution
      • Cu2+
        • Blue
      • Fe2+
        • Green
      • Fe3+
        • Orange
    • Test for NH4+ (Ammonia ions)
      • Mix sodium hydroxide with ammonia solution
      • Pungent smelling gas is produced (see test for ammonia gas)


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