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Mishnah - The first written version of the oral tradition; the authoritative document was put together in 200 CE

Gemara - A commentary on the Mishnah, which is part of the Talmud

Talmud - A commentary by the Rabbis on the Torah - Mishnah and Gemara together in one collection

Traditional Jewish belief holds that the Torah revelaved to the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai was recorded in it pure form as the Written Law.

At the same time that the Written Law was given to the people, Moses received the detailed teachings of the way in which the Torah should be interpreted. This teaching was oral and became known as the Oral Law.

"Moses recieved the Torah at Sinai and handed it to Joshua, Joshua to elders, the elders to the prophets, and the prophets to the men of the Great Assembly"

  • The law was collated and written down as the Mishnah by Rabbi Judah Hanassi - arranged in 6 orders/parts/sections, each one known in Hebrew as a 'Seder'. Each deals with a different aspect of the Oral Law.
  • All the writings thats summarised the dicussion and debate about the Mishnahwere collected and organised and


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