Suffragettes vs Suffragists


Suffragettes vs. Suffragists


  • Formed in 1903 by Emmeline Pankhurst  as a sub division of the NUWSS. 
  • Aim: Gain women's suffrage on equal terms with men- but prepared to use militant action as a result of frustation with the lack of progress of the NUWSS e.g. smashing windows. 
  • Radicals ''Deeds not Words'' 
  • In 1913, they had 2000 members 
  • From 1906 they became more radical to put pressure on the Liberal government e.g.... 
  • They bombed DLG's house 
  • Set fire to post boxes 
  • 1913 Derby- Emily Davidson jumped in front of the King's horse and was killed in order to


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