Studying and Thinking About Problems in General Chemistry

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Studying and Thinking About Problems | Solving General Chemistry Problems

Saturday, April 2, 2016

5:35 PM


<strong>         To understand chemistry, you will have to work hundreds of problems.


</strong>         Improved study habits and problem solving skills come only w/ practice and w/ a determined effort spread over a long time.


Two main sources of difficulty and frustration:

(1)    study habits

(2)    the way you analyze a problem and proceed to its solution






















<strong>         Learn each assignment before going to a new one:

-- new concepts depend on previous material

-- keep up to date


</strong>         Mathematical operations

-- Chemistry is a physical science!


<strong>         Devote your thinking time to understanding the principles and the problems


</strong>         Minimize the amount of material you memorize:

-- Limit memorization to the basic facts and principles from which you can reason the solutions of the problems.

-- Know this smallish amount of factual material really well; then concentrate on how to use it in a logical, effective way


-- Make condensed revision notes


<strong>         Study pertinent class notes and text material until you think you fully understand the facts and principles involved before working homework problems

-- Try to work the problems w/out reference to text, class notes, or friendly assistance

-- Be aware if you have worked the problems w/ a crutch à it’s quite possible that


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