Strengths and weakness of Deontology

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Motivation is valued over consequences which are beyond our control.An immoral motive can't be justified by unforseen good consequences, but good moral worthy of value.

Humanitarian principle all men are considered to be equal value and worthy of protection can't use humans as means to end this stops any action being taken that puts another person in danger e.g. sacrifice. Link in with 10 commandments as supports thou shall not kill tell us theory seeks same goals could argued influenced by religion.

Justice is absolute (unconditional) even if majority of people don not benefit. Why should some else be put ahead of other if it is morally wrong.

Provides objective guidelines for making moral decision without the need for lengthy calculations of possible outcome e,g utilitarianism and hedonic calculus.


Moral obligations appear arbitrary(random) except by




Great help thanks! have my a2 exam in a couple of days and this has really helped to give me some great ideas so i can hopefully get that a*! 

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