Streetcar essay Plans

  • "Blanche is a victim of the fact she is unmarried"
  • Intro: marriage was a diplomatic tool that the owners of women used effectively to increase the ranks in social status- the same applies to blanche and becomes a contributing factor as to why she is treated poorly by males- they believe she is unclean/fornications
  • para one: A victim of marriage because it causes her to become insecure in her age- it was perceieved that women had to be married before they were"past it"- Blanche lies about her age and protects herself from it with the "paper lantern" and we are told she, "ressembles a moth"- " a delicate beauty that must avoid a strong light"
  • para two: furthermore, she is obsessed with her vanity, constantly needing reassurance- "I haven't put on a pound" "make sure to compliment her"- stella 
  • para three: However, from a less sympathetic approach, Blanche's contradictory behaviours make men avoid her and ultimately degrade her- e.g talks about "old fashioned ideals" and is presented in "white clothing" yet comments, "mmm.. you make my mouth water" to collection boy- she is flirtacious in nature and admits her sexual desire to sister stella, "when the devil is in you" Eliza Kazan: "Blanche is destructive.. she is dangerous"
  • para four: on the other hand, males have made her feel inferior because she is single, she is taken advantage of- making her a victim- Mitch tries to have sex with her but says, "you're not clean enough to bring in the house with my mother"- from a feminist point of view, this is double standards.- a modern audience would be shocked at this- back then it was normal
  • para five: Blanche is unable to accept the new america- the ultimate mythology of the southern belle- therefore she brings a lot of her isolation upon herself and we cannot blame marriage as the solid reason to her victimisation- much of the literaure of the 20th century was a result of the nostalgia of the past- romanticism e.g Margaret Mitchells Gone with the wind- we cannot sympathise with her as much
  • para 6: on the contrary,


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