A Streetcar Named Desire - Practice Exam Question Plan


"Elysian Fields is a world filled with violence in which Blanche cannot survive."


Paragraph One: Blanche's sensitivity

- "I can't stand a naked light-bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action." - Blanche

Blanche can't stand the light. Literal meaning - she doesn't like the way her appearance is shone clearly in the light. Metaphorical meaning - the light exposes her web of lies and fantasies.

- "I, I, I, took the blows in my face and my body!" - Blanche

Blanche suffered trauma when faced with responsibility and death, highlighting she isn't fit for a changing world, in which people are left to fend for themselves.

Paragraph Two: Stanley's brutality

- "There's even something - sub-human - something not quite to the stage of humanity yet!" - Blanche

Blanche is arguably scared on Stanley's animalistic personality and habits. She prefers a gentle and calm life compared to Stella, who prefers a thrill.

- "I am the king around here, so don't forget it! [He hurls a cup and saucer to the floor.]" - Stanley

Stanley's masculine and brutish persona clashes heavily with Blanche's overly feminine and sensitive one.

Paragraph Three: Imagery of the ancient world

- "I'm looking for the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, but those girls are not out tonight. Oh, yes they are, there they are! God bless them!" - Blanche

Maia – is the eldest sister and known for her outstanding beauty as well as her solitary life. The story goes that despite her beauty, she was a shy, waiflike woman who preferred her own company and lived alone in the caves (Blanche was emotionally alone in the Hotel Flamingo). At one time, her star shone brighter than any of the others. However, the next sister’s star, Alcyone, now shines brighter – which some say symbolises sibling rivalry between the two sisters in the past (Blanche and Stella).

Alcyone – in Greek mythology, Alcyone, the second sister, was known as the leader. During the Halcyon days – when the world was filled with joy, prosperity and tranquillity – she watched over the Mediterranean Sea, making it calm and safe for sailors (Blanche's stay at the Hotel Flamingo).

Merope (The Lost Sister) – Merope is more commonly accepted as the


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