Women in Streetcar

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  • Women
    • Eunice
      • represents Stella's future
      • represent brutal, lower-class carnal life Stella has chosen
      • offers Stella temporary refuge from Stanley's brutality
      • despite abusive relationship, she is stronger & more outspoken than than Stella about men's failings
        • 'you ain't pulling the wool over my eyes!'
        • 'Eunice's voice shouts in terrible wrath'
      • encourages Stella in her choice of Stanley over Blanche
    • the ***** Woman
      • 'rough' character of Elysian Fields
        • 'cackling hysterically, swaying drunkenly'
      • neighbour of Kowalskis
      • finds Stanley's openly sexual gestures towards Stella hilarious (meat)
    • the Prostitute
      • Blanche sees prostitute outside apartment, moments before ****.
      • pursued by a male drunkard, evoking Blanche's predicament
    • the Mexican Woman


Adesola Dina


wheres blanche?

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