Spies-Mr Hayward

  • The phrases Mr Hayward uses says a lot about his character

'Old bean', 'Old chap', 'Old boy',

These phrases exemplify his condescending and patronising manner, specifically upon Keith who these sayings are directed towards. The way in which he says them is in a very formal way and Frayn uses this to portray the stereotypical father figure in the first World War. Although his harshness is individual to him, the formaility and archaic way of the phrases sets the time period. The sinister manner of the phrases embellish his formality and allow interpretation for a reader to create insight into the reasoning of these sayings. 

  • 'Stephen he never addressed at all, never so much as looked at' 

Mr Hayward never truly acknowledges Stephen's presence and this presents his arrogant and superiority in the way in which he sees himself as very high and dominant. Stephen is plantively not worth his attention and projects the conceit that no one is up to his standards and is not even willing to be acceptant of others. The characters surrounding him are very patriotic in the sense that they wouldn't dare differ where they stand in his eyes. 0

  • Pages 145-146


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