Sources of Social Influence

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Sources of Social Influence


The influence of parents

> SMITH AND LLOYD observed mothers playing with an infant who was either presented as a boy or a girl & found that they selected gender-appropriate toys & alos responded more actively when a 'boy' showed increased motor activity.

> FAGOT ET AL. found that parents who show the clearest patterns of differential reinforcement have children who're quickest to develop strong gender preferences.

The influence of peers

> PERRY AND BUSSEY showed film clips to kids aged 8 & 9 where boys & girls were seen selecting an apple or pear. When later given a choice of fruit boys selected the fruit they'd seen another boy selecting & same with girls.

> Peers provide feedback when a friend steps outside of what's accepted as appropriate gender behaviour, reinforcing each other for gender-appropriate behaviour & punishing what's seen as inappropriate for that gender.

The influence of the media

> BUSSEY AND BANDURA say the media generally portrays men as independent & pursing of engaging occupations whereas women are shown to be dependent & unambitious.

> HODGES ET AL. say men are more likely to be shown exercising control over events whereas women are…


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