Sociology G672 - Trends in the Family

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"The family is an idea rather than a physically real thing" - Gittens

Decline in family size
- Childcare costs (Williams 2006).
- Lifestyle choice (Post-modernists).
- Women's employment (Sue Sharpe).

Increase in shared households
- People enjoy spending leisure time together (Heath and Cleaver 2003).
- National Statistics.
- Increase in young adults living with their parents due to costs. 
- Cohabitation - decline of living in 'sin' and better contraception.

Decline in marriage
- Women concentrating more career (Sue Sharpe).
- Expectations of marriage have changed (Allan and Crow 2001).
- Increase in cohabitation.
- Women marrying later in life.
- (Delphy - Feminist) Marriage is a labour contract for women. 

Increase in lone parent families
-  Increasing divorce rate.
- Social policies, e.g. Divorce Reform Act 1971.
- 40% of women cohabiting in the 90's.
- Choice, women see divorce as the solution to a problem (Bernandes). 
- Economic independence - 50% of lone…


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