Sociology OCR Unit 3 External Factors in Education (Social Class) - Studies Revision Table

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Material Deprivation

Cultural Deprivation + Cultural Capital/Attitudes

Language and Linguistic Codes

       Social Capital

Douglas – lower income families are disadvantaged in education, due to factors such as overcrowded homes, living in poverty stricken areas, unemployment and poor diets (child might be forced to take a part time job asap). He says all these factors are CUMULATIVE.

Bourdieu (1984) – Each social class possesses its own cultural framework, known as habitus.

The dominant group gets to impose their habitus onto society (and accordingly its institutions) e.g. books written in elaborated code; w/c not interested in museum trips.

High Culture is being pushed onto W/C, causing a class clash. N+V of W/C inhibit their educational success.


Berstein -  W/C Restricted Code (limited vocab, grammatically simple, context bound, particularistic) M/C Elaborated Code (opposite of W/C)


Putnam(1995) – “Bowling Alone” – Social Capital acts liek sociological DW40 -> if you have a good “old boys’ network” 

Everything will run smoothly.

Webb – 2006 - 30% of the


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