Sleep disorders

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Dement estimates 1/2 acknowledge difficulty with sleeping but only 5-10% diagnosed with insomnia.
Argues insomnia is not a disorder but a symptom that can have many different causes.

Insomnia is diagnosed when a person has been experiencing difficulty for one month and resulting daytime fatigue causes severe distress or impairs work/social and personal functioning.

What is primary insomnia?
No medical, psychiatric or environmental cause
3 types:

Psycho-physiological insomnia
It is a form of anxiety induced insomnia. Sometimes known as learned or behavioural insomnia. It is a viscous sycle of trying too hard to sleep and bad habits. People start to associate their bed with worry/anxiety.
Research::::: Pauvillier (2005) 256 primarily insomniacs to complete psychometric questions and a family insomhia history questionnaire. Control group used to estimate incident of insomnia in their families. Primary insomniacs reported 27.7% familial insomnia compared to 24.1% in non insomniac control group. This shows there is a link between insomnia and familial.

Idiopathic insomnia
Tends to…


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