Sex outside marriage- islam

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sex outside marriage-



  • in Islam it is forbidden as it is stated in the Quran that boys and girls should be separated be4 marriage- the Quran is the words of Allah and it is a guide to lead a good life- the Quranic statement implies that boys and girls left alone can divulge into many sexual ideas and are therefore left to regrettable actions
  • Marriages are more stable than premarital sex as their is more commitment than sexual experimentation
  • The Prophet (pbuh) stated that: "when an unmarried male commits fornification with an unmarried woman, they should receive 100 lashes and exile for 1 year." {Muslim} We must follow the Sunnah of the Prophet as he is the perfect, physical example of leading a good life and it shows that even the Prophet (pbuh) disliked this idea of no commitment and it can imply that in the afterlife their will be a bigger punishment
  • God gave sex for people to create children and that a commitment must be shown through marriage between the two people and for the Childs benefit. 
  • it also allows the couple from getting diseases that can kill them, which is why it is not allowed in Islam or Christianity
  • God says in the Qur'an that he accepts repentance of his servants when it is for real (39:53), that he in fact likes those who repent (2:222) and that he even changes the evil effect of sin to blessing



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