Section 1B Media Language

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“I will be analysing my thriller opening sequence which I filmed and edited as my main task which formed part of my Foundation Portfolio in Media. In class, we studied media language in existing Thrillers such as Seven, Psycho, Taken 3, Skyfall and Escape Plan. This enabled us to fully understand how cinematography, mise-en-scene, composition, editing and sound could be applied to our own productions to help understand genre, narrative and representation”.

I will be analysing my Urban Drama trailer which is the main task of my advanced portfolio in A2 media. In my pre-production stage I carried out extensive primary and secondary research into existing products and the conventions of the genre. Watching "Fish Tank" and "Adulthood" really helped us to understand how cinematogrophy, mise-en-scene, composition, editing and sound could be applied to our own production in a way which agrees with the genre, narrative structure and representations of this specific genre.

Media Language encompasses the technical microelements used to create meaning specific to the macro-elements of characters, narrative and genre. It can also include the generic conventions and visual signs and symbols, any aspect that has, through repetition, come to act as a sort of ‘short hand’ for an audience. The production I will be analyzing is the main task for my A2 Advanced Portfolio. I…


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