Russian Oral Questions in English

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1. Do you often go to the movie theater? to the theater? to a concert?

2. And the last time? Where were you? With whom? How was it?

3. When was the last you went to the movie theater? What did you watch? Did you the movie?

4. What movie did you like the most this year? Why?

5. What music do you like? What is your favourite band?

6. Who is your favourite singer/actor? your favourite singer/actress?

7. Describe a famous person whom you respect. Why do you respect him/her?

8. Do you often watch TV? What is your favourite show? (why?)

9. Lots of people now watch TV too much, do you agree?

10. Do you read?

11. Last time what did you read? Did you like the book?

12.  Do you have a mobile phone?

13. Do you think that a mobile phone is useful? Why?


1. Do you often use the internet/computer? Why?

2. Young people today use the internet/computer too much. Do you agree?

3. Do you read/write blogs? Why? About what?

4. Do you think that computers and the internet improve life? Why?

Holidays and Holiday Accomodation

1. Where do you usually relax in the summer?

2. Which holidays do you prefer/do you like most? Why?

3. Where did you go last year? What did you do? Where did you stay? Did you like it?

4. Describe the hotel where you stayed last year.

5. What is your ideal hotel?

6. Where are you going this year? What will you do there?

7. Have you already been abroad?

8. Would you want to live there? Would you want to live abroad?

9. What difference have you noticed between life there and in England?





I was really expecting some good Russian Oral here, but all I got was a ******* from your nan. Disappointing, bad loss lads. Ps cheers jeff your dad gay hah lol jk dw we got you covered fam xoxo bless papa kieron murphs

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