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BY Hayley
As promised and dedicated to I P B…read more

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The alphabet
The Russian alphabet has thirty three letters
and some of them are double lettered if they
are translated into English.…read more

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Using the last slide try and make your name.
Some names are on the next two slides
See if you were right…read more

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Peoples Names:
These names are all pronounced the same as they
are in English. I hope you all can read my writing in
the picture.
These names are:
1. Hayley
2. Lindsay
3. Herbie
4. Hannah
5. Amy
6. Jess
7. Jessica
8. Hilary
9. Haley
10. Emma
11. Chloe
12. Natasha
13. Charlotte
14. Lisa
15. Lucy…read more

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Peoples Names:
1. Alex
2. Jack
3. Conner
4. Matt
5. Tom
6. Sam
7. Joe
8. Gavin
9. Richard
10. Nick…read more




Really got me emotional, such a well deserved victory. Good win lads, can't wait for nest game on friday xoxo Ps you nan gay ha lol jk 

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