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  • Standards for development
    • Create a system
      • A way of capturing what the system needs to do
      • Ways of breaking up the system into manageable chunks
      • Ways of keeping track of changes
      • Ways of allocating staff
      • Ways of finding and correcting errors (debugging)
      • Ways of planning and carrying out tests
    • Waterfall  Method
      • define requirements analyse designimplementtest (verfication) installationmaintenance
    • Prototype method
      • For this development method the idea is to get an approximate description of a sub-section (module) from the customer.
      • After this the system is coded and the user is allowed to try it out.
      • The customer provides comments and feedback, which the coders then use to improve the software module.
      • They go around again and again until it is satisfactory. Then they start on another module until the whole system is finished.
    • RAD method
      • simimilar to prototyping but with tools in place to rapidly create quality code. Tools include
      • You do need a lot of training though to use the tools effectively and they are not cheap!
    • Handling change
      • This is a separate system where all changes to the software are coded. Normal users have no access to the development environment.
      • allow programmers to develop code without affecting the actual system that users are using day-to-day.s


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