Role and Importance of the Lay Community AO1

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  • The lay sangha make up 95% of the whole of the Buddhist community
  • The lay community has a role of upholding Buddhist doctrine and tradition
  • They lay abides by the dhamma and the 5 precepts e.g. do not harm others
  • They have a role to promote the 6 parammitas e.g dana (giving) and sila (morality).  Therefore lay buddhists are very charitable, providing food for monks every morning as well as clothes during the kathina ceremony
  • Buddhists have the role of upholding sila by having right livelihood that doesn't cause harm to others.  They must have right speech and ensure that they don't hurt anyone as Cush said that speech is the easiest way to harm others.  They should strive to achieve right action.  All caritta actions are cherished and all varitta actions are avoided
  • Lay Buddhists must uphold basic concepts of karuna (compassion) and metta (loving kindness).  With this, lay Buddhists benefit others in the community while working towards their own enlightenment.  Lay Buddhists have a role to educate others in the community about Buddhism and to support those in the community who are struggling
  • One of the most important roles of lay Buddhists…


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