Role and Importance of the Lay Community AO1

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Role of the Lay Community

  • 95% of the Buddhist community
  • Educate the community about Buddhism and support those who struggle on the path
  • Abide by the dhamma, uphold the 5 precepts and promote the 6 parammitas (e.g. dana-giving)
  • Uphold sila and the basic concepts of metta (loving kindness) and karuna (compassion). This benefits the community while helping them gain enlightenment
  • Provide food for the monks in the daily alms round and clothes at the Kathina ceremony
  • Puja (worship)- Buddha should be honoured so they can have a shrine to him and offer fruits as a sign of respect.  They can meditate and contemplate here
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Importance of the Lay Community

  • Propogate Buddhism.  As monks are celibate and unmarried, it is left to the lay community to bring children up and educate them in the Buddhist tradition
  • Allow for the formation of spiritual friendships within families and provide each other with support on the path
  • Provide rules to promote Buddhist legislation, for example the King of Thailand
  • Support the monastic community- handle money, pay bills, provide food and clothes, sponsor monks and help with the upkeeps of the monasteries
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