Relationship between Lay and Monastic Communities AO1

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Relationship between Lay and Monastic Communities


  • Strong Interdependece to stop monks from becoming recluses
  • Respect and honour the monks as spiritual teachers
  • Provide physical and materials needs of the monastics
  • Daily food (alms), financial and practical support
  • Practice generosity and merit making through the support of the monastery
  • Recieve spiritual and moral guidance


  • Example of qualities and teachings of the Buddha, exemplify the discipline and commitment to the Buddhist path required
  • Support and guide the lay in their moral and spiritual life
  • Key role in rituals, chanting and blessings on special occasions
  • Give opportunities for lay to cultivate merit and good karma 
  • They are drawn from the lay community
  • In some communities they educate the children and lead community projects
  • Society is enhanced and informed by the moral teachings of the Buddhism
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