rivers, floods and management

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Water Balance 

  • Worked out by inputs and outputs --> affects how much water is stored in the basin. 
  • The water balance in the UK is seasonal. 
  • Wet Season - precipitation exceeds evapotranspiration --> surplus --> ground stores fill --> runoff which leads to higher discharge and therefore a higher river level.
  • Dry Season - precipitation is lower than evapotranspiration --> ground stores depleat --> not replaced. 
  • Deficit is recharged in the next wet season. 

River Discharge 

Affected by PeTeR :

  • Precipitaion --> more = high discharge 
  • Temperature --> high = low discharge 
  • Removal of water --> more = low discharge 

Storm Hydrograph 

Affected by :

  • Characteristics (size,shape,streams)
  • Vegetation 
  • Precipitation 
  • Temperature 


Energy reduced by :

  • Reduced rainfall 
  • Friction 
  • Mouth 

Hjulstrom Curve 

Shows link between competence and velocity

Greater velocity = greater energy

The Long Profile 

Shows the height of…


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