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  • Rivers: Soft Engineering
    • Land Use Management
      • Planning restrictions prevent buildings or roads being constructed on the flood plain. Use of the flood plain is restricted to things such as playing fields, allotments, or parks More water can infiltrate so there is less surface run off, which reduces discharge and flooding.
      • There are no new buildings or roads on the flood plain to be damaged, so the impact of any flooding is reduced.
      • It provides recreational opportunities.
      • Down Sides
        • It restricts development which may be a problem in an area with a housing shortage.
        • It cannot be used in areas that have already been urbanised
    • Wetland and River Bank Conservation
      • Wetlands store flood water and also slow it down. This reduces flooding downstream, so conserving or re-establishing wetlands gives natural protection from flooding. Planting trees and shrubs along the river bank increases interception and lag time, and reduces discharge. This also decreases flooding.
      • Vegetation protects the surface soil from erosion
      • The vegetation provides habitats for wildlife
      • Down Sides
        • Less land is available for farming


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