Richard Swinburne: Philosophy

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  • Quantum Laws; prove that the universe is probablistic, miracles do not violate the laws of nature
  • This means that miracles can be thought of as natural 
  • There is sometimes evidence to prove that miracles occur 
  • Believes in miracles - laws of nature are not fixed truths
  • 'Perhaps God can suspend natural laws on occassion' 
  • If God is all loving he would want to interact wih his creation and may do so through miracles
  • Miracles, in their very nature, have to be occassional - if they were regular, life would be confusing and we would not consider them amazing 

Religious Experiences:

  • Believed there are 5 recognisable types of religious experiences, divided into 2 groups.

Public Experiences:

1) Ordainary Experience - where a person interprets a natural event as having religious significance 

2) Extraordainary Experience - experiences such as miracles which violate the…


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