Richard I as a king


On 3 September 1189, Richard I was crowned as King of the Angevin Empire in a lavish ceremony. Richard took power peacefully and set about preparing his kingdom for his absence when he keft for crusade three months later.

Born; 1157

Nickame; Couer de Lion (Lionheart)

Claim to the throne in 1189; eldest surviving son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane; experienced ruler; Duke of Aquitane since 1172; a successful and proven military leader; a favourite son of Eleanor (who held much power and influence).

Charachter and qualities; charismatic, brave, strong belief in chivalry; a great soldier; wrote poetry and music; arrogant; selfish; could be disloyal (had fought against his father and brothers during his father's reign).

How power was secured

  • When Henry dies in 1189, Richard secured the


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