Revival of Trade Unions 1919-1921


Revival of Trade Unions 1919-1921 

The Triple Alliance 

  • Due to nationalisation during the war the government was the chief negotiator with trade unions, nationalisation of welsh coal fields in 1916 for example 
  • Trade Unions wanted to continue nationalisation, Thomas writing in his book when labour rules in 1922 about the benefits of nationalisation 
  • Triple Alliance was a very big challenge to government, 1919 Thomas secured no railway wage reductions 
  • However railway strike in 1919 failed as government deployed troops to paddington and railwaymen failed to get support of miners and dockers 
  • Sankey report from 1919-1921, recommended better conditions for workers but was ignored by the governent and they cut wages by 30% in 1921 

Black Friday, 1921 

  • Miners struck in 1921 over


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