USA Boom, Bust and Recovery 1920-1955

What factor allowed for more technological advances in the 1920's?
Oil is found in Texas
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When and where was the Oil found?
1901 in Spindletop, Texas
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When did Henry Ford first implement the production line?
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By 1920, how many cars was Ford producing per year?
1,250, 000 = 1 every 60 seconds
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What was Hire Purchase?
Scheme that encouraged consumer spending by allowing goods to be bought with a reduced initial fee and on credit.
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Under their Laissez-Faire attitude, what did the Republican Government reduce?
It reduced taxes on large scale industries and big corporations.
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In what years were taxes reduced?
1924, 1926, 1928
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Overall, how much money was given out in tax reductions?
$3.5 Billion
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What year was the Fordney-McCumber tariff implemented?
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What impact did the Fordney-McCumber tariff have on Farmers?
It raised prices on foreign goods and so reduced demand for goods from abroad.
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What did the African American population of Harlem increase from/to?
50,000 1914- 165,000 1930
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Who did not benefit from the 1920's economic boom?
Ethnic Minorities
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When and what was the Johnson-Reed Immigration Act?
1924, Banned immigration from Japan.
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What census was the 1921 Immigration Act basing its 3% rule on?
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What was the Soviet Ark?
Ship used to deport undesirable citizens to Russia.
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When and how many did the Soviet Ark deport?
1919, 249
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What was A Mitchell Palmers role in the government?
He was Attorney General.
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When did the Palmer Raids begin and how many were arrested?
1919, 6000
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When and what were Saccho and Venzetti arrested for?
1920, Armed Robbery
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What caused the revival of the KKK?
D.W Griffith's film 'birth of a nation'.
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How many members did the KKK have by 1921?
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In what year did the KKK march down Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington?
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When did David Curtis Stephenson face scandal?
1925, second degree murder
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What years were Prohibition implemented?
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Who were the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and what did they believe?
They were a predominantly southern organisation that supported prohibition and believed in 'moderation in all things, and abstinence from anything harmful'.
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Fill in the gap: Anti _____ League...
Anti Saloon League
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What did the Wickersham Committee do?
It was appointed to investigate the effectiveness of prohibition and eventually acknowledge that it wasn't working.
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When was the Tommy Gun first used?
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Overall, how many people were killed in the gang wars during prohibition?
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What was the date of the St Valentines Day Massacre?
February 14th, 1929
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What was Al Capone eventually arrested for in 1932?
Tax evasion
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When and where was the Oil found?


1901 in Spindletop, Texas

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When did Henry Ford first implement the production line?


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By 1920, how many cars was Ford producing per year?


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What was Hire Purchase?


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