Revision Do's and Dont's


Revision do’s

> Make yourself a nice work area. You need a flat surface with a lot of good light. Gather up all of the things you might need- pens, pencils, paper, colour pencils, a dictionary

> Try and do your revision at the same time each day. Getting into a routine will make it seem less like a chore

> Explain to your family your revision and tell them how it follows on from what you have done in class. Talking about it will reinforce it and give you more ideas

> Eat a healthy snack before settling down to do your revision- you won’t be able to concentrate if you are hungry

> Use a variety of resources including the internet. There are games you can use to make it seem




Thanks Lottie - really helpful..


sosan abdullah


hey thanks for the tips- but just to add.... if your the type of person who is better at studying during the night then you should try to get a little sleep when you come home from school/college :)



This is a great resource, thanks! I find it easier to create a plan for my revision each time I start a session, not necessarily a plan for all of my revision overall. For example, I'd set little goals such as learn these key words, remember this process, memorise these facts etc. I found this helped stay on track as I was more focussed and had a definite goal/end point. It helped loads with motivation too! Thought I'd share :-)



That's a really good idea- setting smaller goals. It makes it easier to know where to start instead of tackling the whole syllabus in one go! :)