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In 1987, Fisherman et al. reviewed police practice and, with detailed analysis, decided to make some amendments to The Cognitive Interview. The new techniques that were introduced are:

  • The interviewer should minimise distractions.
  • The interviewer should actively listen to the witness.
  • Open-ended questions should be asked to encourage longer answers that could lead to a more accurate conviction.
  • A pause should be introduced after each response.
  • Interruptions should be avoided.
  • The use of imagery should be encouraged so to stimulate the witnesses memory.
  • The language used by interviewers should be adapted to suit the individual witnesses needs.
  • Judgemental comments should be avoided.

The Testing of the Cognitive Interview Technique

Geiselman et al. (1985) compared the Cognitive Interview Technique to the standard interview by showing 89 students a police training video of violent crimes and then using law enforcement officers, who had been trained in either CIT or standard techniques, to interview them. 


Item recall                                  CIT                                       


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