The Cognitive Interview

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The Cognitive Interview (Devloped by Geiselman et al)

Geiselman et al developed the cognitive interview to be used in police investigations, to improve the eyewitness testimony. There are four stages.

  • To recreate the context of the original incident- this does not involve revisisting the scene of the crime, but trying to recall an image of the setting incuding, details such as the weathe, the lighting, distictive smells, any people nearby, what were you feeling at the time etc.
  • To recall the event in different orders- You are encouraged to describe the event in reverse orde, or to start with an aspect of the scene which seems most memorable and work backwards of forwards from that point
  • To recall every detail- you are required to report back any information about the event you can remeber, even if it does not seem to have a bearing on the crime.


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