Research Methods - Experiment Locations


The location in which a psychologist chooses to conduct their research is one that can depend on the research method they are using, or it might rely on the approach or area of psychology that they are studying. 

The Laboratory

The main characteristics of a lab is that it is in an environment where variables can be easily controlled i.e. the IV can be easily manipulated, the DV easily measured, and EV and CV variables can be easily controlled. This is the most scientific way to conduct research. Most psychological research that gets conducted in a lab tends to be an experimental in nature, but this is not always the case. Many researchers conduct observational research in a lab or even animal research

Advantages and Disadvantages:

+ easier to control confounding or extraneous variables

+ easier to replicate

+ easier to use specialist equipment

- artificial behaviour cause be artificial environment

- it's not suitable for studying all behaviour


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