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  • Milgram
    • Aim
      • Milgram wanted to investigate whether obedience was culturally specific
    • Research Method
    • Sample
      • Variety of backgrounds e.g. Unskilled, Skilled, Businessmen, Sales men
      • All from the area of New Haven
      • Aged 20-50
      • 40 males
    • Sampling Method
      • Self selecting
      • Offered $4.50 for simply turning up on the day
      • Article in a newspaper advertising Punishment and Learning
  • Lab experiment
    • Under highly controlled conditions
  • Controlled Observation
    • The researcher was noting down the behaviours and results of the participant
    • Controls
  • All participants were the teacher
  • The prod order
  • Ratio
  • The location (Yale Uni)
  • Sample Shock
  • Cannot generalise findings to women
    • Weaknesses of the sample
      • Quite a large sample
  • The sample are willing to take part as you've gained their consent
    • Strengths of obtaining the sample this way
      • Quick and easy way of getting participants
  • Only observant people will see the advert
    • Weaknesses of obtaining sample this way
      • You may get a BIAS group


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