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1. Investigation into the effect of a named variable on the rate of an enzyme-controlled reaction

- Effect of temperature on 'rate of reaction' catalysed by the enzyme 'trypsin'


  • Buffer added - keep pH constant 
  • Optimum temperature 
  • Denaturing of enzymes
  • Could have human error in visual of the cross
  • Higher temp = more kinetic energy 

2. Preparation of stained squashes of cells from plant root tips; set-up and use of an optical microscope to identify the stages of mitosis in these stained squashes and calculation of a mitotic index

- Investigating mitosis


  • When squashing do not roll fingers - move chromosomes in the cell, cannot see the mitosis, muddle the chromatid 
  • Easily can go wrong 
  • Wear goggles - harmful chemicals could effect eyes and eyesight 

3. Production of a dilution series of a solute to produce a calibration curve with which to identify the water potential of plant tissue

- Water potential of potato 


  • Do more readings around the value of the water potential 
  • Mass


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