Religious Studies- Design- Teleological Argument


Design- Teleological argument:

Aquina's fifth way:

1. Things that lack knowlege- they have an end/purpose

2. Generally sucessful in acheiving their goals

3. Can't be down to luck (devleopment too good)

4. Things without knowledge cannot move towards their end unless directed by someone with higher intelligence

5. Arrow won't move unless directed

6. Must be some intelligent being

7. This being we call God


Alternative explanation- evolution [ things have purpose and function without a God]


Analogy- World like machine

- Natural (nature) vs Artifical (phones)

- Artifical has designers, natural must have designer too

Natural= harder to make then artifical

The natural ones need a suitable intelligence for their complexity= God (Three "O"'s, non-dependant, translucent(out of space and time)


Only seen tiny part of the universe- cant assume rest of universe is the same

tiny part of knowing applying to the rest (limited research)

What designed the plan? -"ideas just came together" - why not say universe just came together?


"Amazing matter organises itslef. Doesnt that prove a designer?"

Doesnt prove God! Machine vs Nature

1. many designers

2. trial and error

3. universe is finite

4. universe not…


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