Religious Responses to Prejudice and Discrimination

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They are many different reasons why religious people are opposed to prejudice and discrimination.

  • 'All humans are made in the image of God' - we are all equal.  Discriminating against someone would be disrespecting God's sacred and special creation
  • 'There is no difference between Jews and Gentiles, men or women; for you are all one in Jesus Christ' - all humans are equal in God's eyes, regardless of race, nationality or gender
  • In the teaching of the Good Samaritan, Jesus shows that a person should be treated according to their needs, not their race or nationality

Muslims are taught, 'cling firmly together by the means of Allah's rope and do not be divided'.  This means that all people in the world are part of Allah's community.  He wants us to be united and inseparable. 

There are examples of religious believers who have fought against prejudice and discrimination. Mehatma Gandhi was a Hindu.  In 1893, he went to live in South Africa…


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