AQA GCSE religious studies spec B unit 3 key terms

these are just a few of the main ones, that are relevant to this topic hope it helps. :)

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Prayer:-quiet thoughts Heterosexuality:- Adultery:- Having an Covenant/contract:- An
direct to God Physical attraction to a affair agreement
person of the opposite
Aids to worship:-items Homosexuality:- Vows ©/Promises:- Marriage:- legal
used to focus in Physical attraction a marriage promises binding of 2 people as
worship ©rosary & (I) person of the same a couple: believed to
Tasbi sex. be blessed by God
Religious service:- © Birth/Initiation Responsibility:- an Sex before marriage:-
Mass on Sunday for all Ceremonies:- rituals to instance of being of This can be in the form
& (I) Jum'uah on Friday marks the birth of a being accountable for of a long-term
for all male adults child, e.g. baptism © & something or relationship or casual
tahneek (i) someone. sex such as a
Chastity:-purity; Roles:- a duty to Age of consent:- The Contraception:-metho
refraining from sex someone or something age at which it is legal d of prevention of
before marriage to have sex. pregnancy and or
sexually transmitted
Celibacy:- A conscious Artificial forms of Abortion:- the Sanctity of Life:- the
decision to abstain contraception:- deliberate expulsion of idea that all life is
away from sex. Condom/Cap a foetus from the sacred and special
Coil womb with the intent
Pill to destroy it.
Quality of life:- a Divorce:- Legal Remarriage:- marriage Prejudice:- attitude,
persons satisfaction or cancelation of a after divorce usually negative, to
dissatisfaction with the marriage someone without
cultural or intellectual knowing them.
conditions under which
they live
Discrimination:- actions Equality:- concept of Justice:- fairness Community:-group of
based on prejudice, everyone having the people who share
often negative same value, so common interests
deserving the same
Sexism:-prejudice and Racism:-prejudice and Religious Homophobia:-prejudic
discrimination against discrimination against prejudice:-prejudice or e against
someone because of someone because of discrimination against homosexuality
the gender. the colour of their skin. someone because of
their religious beliefs.
Ageism:-discrimination Stewardship:-the idea Creation:- belief that Environment:- is the
against someone that we have a duty the world was air, land and water
because of their age. given by God. deliberately made by that surround us.
God from nothing.

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Vegetarianism:-a diet Animal Factory Farming:- Zoos:-these are places
that does not include experimentation:-This system of large-scale to visit where we keep
meat is when animals are agriculture that is animals for our
experimented on to focused on profit with pleasure and interest.
satisfy human wants.…read more


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