Religious and Moral arguments in the debate about homosexuality.


Give an account of the religious and moral arguments in the debate about homosexuality.


Introduction :

Teaching contained in both the Old and New Testament Condemn homosexuality. However, many scholars claim it is not appropriate to apply material which is almost 2,000 years old to Gay and Lesbian people today.

In the New Testament Paul outlines the immoral nature of homosexuality in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 he writes “…. nor homosexual offenders … will inherit the kingdom of God.” This reference to the bible suggests that they are not part of the kingdom of God so therefore implies they won’t reach heaven. As Paul refers to homosexuality, scholars have questioned the relevance of his teaching to today’s society.


Furthermore, references have been outlined by many different Christians in their opposition to same-sex relationships. For example, the Presbyterian Church believe that:

1) Men and women are created in the image of God

2) Sexual intercourse should take place in the context of a monogamous heterosexual marriage

 3) People with homosexual tendencies are loved by God.

However, Presbyterians call upon all people homosexual or heterosexual to exercise fidelity within heterosexual marriage and abstinence outside of it.


Additionally, The Methodist Church view is that “for homosexual men and women, permanent relationships characterised by love can be appropriate and Christian way of expressing their sexuality”.


In addition, the Anglican communion have a divided opinion on same sex relationships, The Church of England bishops wrote that “homosexual people are in every way as valuable to and as valued by God as heterosexual people”. Despite gay marriage becoming legal in the UK in 2014, the canon law forbids ministers in the Church of England from performing same- sex weddings. In 2003, the appointment of Gene Robinson to the position of Bishop of New Hampshire in America had caused outrage among Anglicans as he had been a practicing homosexual for 15 years. It is evident from his appointment that many Anglicans do accept homosexual relationships and


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