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Religious Ethics Revision

Business Ethics
The system in which the main form of wealth is the ability to produce things.
Prior to industrialisation, feudalism existed in which the main source of wealth was land.
The free market is where people are free to act in their own economic interests…

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Rights of political authority to regulate economic activity/private property for the
betterment of society
Individualistic and so could perhaps not serve the best interests of society
Worship of God
Rampant capitalism idolises money
Preservation of life
The basic purpose of economic activity is to sustain human life- to meet human…

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The free market is indifferent to the ends of people and as such it could be argued that it
doesn't respect the dignity of the human person
Natural law
Serves the purpose of sustaining human life as it allows people as economic agents to fulfil
their best economic interests…

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A union/voice for employees as business is social (living in society)
A fair wage (preservation of life)
Holidays and regulated shifts (preservation of life, living in society, education of the young'
A day of rest (worship of God)
Solidarity (living in society)
To have a balance of…

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Should offer fair prices etc.- respecting people's right to their fair share of the world's
Golden rule- all people are consumers, including those in business, and so business should
treat consumers as they themselves hope to be treated as consumers
Natural law
Living in society- not exploiting, being socially…

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o Those who accept the foregoing points have an obligation to participate in
implementing the necessary changes and to do so peacefully and democratically
Naess proposed that humans should:
o Reduce population
o Abandon plans for economic growth
o Conserve the diversity of species
o Live in small, self-reliant communities…

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Michal La Bossiere argues that species should be allowed to die out, as this is a natural part
of evolution. Humans are natural and so species killed by humans become naturally extinct.
No obligation to prevent it but we shouldn't do it deliberately
Utilitarian approach
Since it is clear that…

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o I cannot deserve reward or punishment
o I can only be acted upon by the world, there may not even be an I
Reasons for thinking we have free will
Only through our own free will can we decide whether our lives' actions will send us to

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`[M]an does at all times what he wills, and yet he does this necessarily. But this is because he
already is what he wills.' ­ what you do is what you want to do but this is already determined
Ted Honderich
Hard determinism
Brain states are the effect of other…

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If you do not accept that you cannot control what you will, then by necessity there must be
something within you that can control your will, and this could lead to infinite regress- things
controlling each other and in turn controlling the will- the `homunculus' problem

Soft determinism
If determinism…


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