OCR essay questions

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  • OCR essay questions
    • Timing
      • Saxons and Normans
        • 40 mins
      • Cold War in Asia
        • 40 mins
      • Civil Rights
        • 2 x 45 mins
    • Clear introduction
      • Refer to question in first sentence - question focus
      • Clearly state your argument
      • Outline factors you will use in argument
      • Brief background if you have time
      • Clearly state criteria by which you will determine your argument is valid
    • Give detailed facts
      • Specific names
      • Statistics/numbers
      • Quotes
      • Dates
    • Use mini conclusions to bring focus back on question
    • Be balanced
    • 3/4 factors
    • Which factor is most significant
    • Do not use 'I' (personalisation)
    • No rhetorical questions
    • Remain in dates of question if they are there
    • Civil Rights thematic essay question
      • Refer to factors from across era (ensure you refer to one from around 1865, one from in between, and one from 1980s/90-92)
      • Depending on question (unless asking otherwise) refer to presidents, legislation, opposition, individuals promoting views, pro-groups, anti-groups
    • Civil Rights significant event essay
      • Always link back to question
        • Why an event is more/less important than event in question
      • Do paragraphs by key themes:
        • Economic
        • Social
        • Political
        • Cultural
        • Describe both how event could be turning point in relation to this theme and could not be
        • Use 3-4 other turning points within same paragraph to compare how they could be more/less significant than event stated in question in relation to paragraph theme
    • Conclusion
      • Refer to question
        • Question focus
      • Summarise argument referring to key points
      • Do not add anything new to argument
      • Final judgment


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