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 Prohibition: how it was introduced

Some groups were strongly in favour of prohibiting the sale of alcoholic drinks. There was a strong temperence  (anti-alcohol) movement in the USA. Some states within the USA had voted for prohibition before the First World War. During the war, there were additional arguements in its support.

  • Drinkning alcohol became associated with absenteeism from work
  • The main beers drunk in the USA were German, and it was said to be unpatriotic to be drinking German beer during the war

By the end of the war, three-quarters of the states in America had prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks. With this wide support across the USA, temperance groups pressured the Government to introduce prohibition nationwide. This involved passing an amendment to the Constitution - the Eighteenth Amendment.

Many Americans celebrated the banning of 'the demon drink', and expected that it would help to reduce social abuses such as family neglect. those against prohibition accepted that the law had been passed, but did not necessarily intend to obey it.

Prohibition: problems of enforcement

Prohibition was not a success because it was…


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