Problem of evil - Iranaeus

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Augustine stated in his book called ‘confessions’ that the problem of evil is that either God cannot abolish evil, or he is unable to which lead to the inconsistent triad which means if he is unable to stop evil then actually not omnipotent. If God is not willing to stop evil then God is not omnibenevolent.

Ireneaus’ theodicy is a response to this problem of evil through the use of stages of creations and believing that the world is a soul making place thus making evil a necessary part of life.

Firstly, Iranaeus stated that there were two stages of creation; one of imperfection and one of perfection. He believed that man was created in the ‘image of God’. This means that  humans are created as an immature being that had yet to grow and develop   so that as humans we can respond to situations in life and eventually become a ‘child of God’ where


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