Privation, Bowlby

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  • extreme circumstances where children do not have an opportunity to form a normal attachmet


  • Isolated Children- Curtiss (1977) The case study of Genie (to be done in detail later) and the Czech Twins
  • Institutionalisation


  • Occurs when children live in an institution such as an orphanage or children's home
  • Poor quality instututions such as the Romanian orphanages in the early 1990s
  • Since then conditions have been improved and many of the children adopted

Studies: Hodges and Tizard (1989)- studied children who had been in an orphanage then adopted. Concluded early privation has a negative affect on ability to form relationships.

Three issues of privation:

1) Attachment disorder:

  • no preffered attachment figure
  • inability to interact and relate to others before the age of 5
  • Reactive/inhibited:shy,withdrawn
  • Disinhibited:over friendly and attention seeking

2) Privation Dwarfism:

  • children from institutions usually small from lack of emotional care
  • emotional disturbances may affect the


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