Priestly uses several techniques to keep his audience engaged

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Using the form of a Detective Play

  • Draws people in
  • The audience like to try and solve the mystery
  • They contain different twists and turns
  • Dramatic themes eg. death

Published in 1946 but set in 1912?

  • In 1912 the class system was more rigid and things could dramatically change
  • Dramatic Irony

Dramatic Irony

  • The audience knows things that the characters don't eg. Titanic sinking and WW1&2
  • Arthur Birling: "Absolutely unsinkable I tell you"; "The Germans don't want war"
  • Eric's odd behaviour and exits - shows he has done something wrong when Mrs Birling doesn't realise

Unsympathetic Characters

  • At the start Gerald seems a bit cold
  • Mrs Birling is out


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