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An Inspector Calls
Year 11 Revision
Shannon Brown…read more

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An Inspector Calls
Mr Birling
Mrs Birling
Shelia Birling
Gerald Croft
Eric Birling
Inspector Goole
Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton
Themes and Images
Social Class
Social Responsibility
Young and Old
Writers Techniques
Dramatic Techniques
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3…read more

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Arthur Birling
Mr Birling is upper middle class, successful factory owner who regards himself as a reasonable
man.…read more

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Shelia Birling
Daughter of Mr and Mrs Birling who changes the most throughout the play
Deeply affected by the Inspector's revelations
Gives optimism in the play
Honest character
Lack of cold-blooded attitude of her parents
An accomplice of the Inspector ­ Family's conscience
Inspector's mouthpiece when he has left the stage
Realises there is no point in concealing the truth
Doesn't like being protected from the unpleasant truth
Before Shelia was content with the socially acceptable hypocrisy
Shelia feels guilty for what she did to…read more

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An enigmatic figure he doesn't change nor develops
Goole is a pun on `ghoul' which means ghost or spirit
More than one interpretation of who he is
His stage directions stress his purposefulness and deliberate manner
Air of menace about him
He is single ­ minded
Undermines the characters
Those who resist telling the Inspector the truth suffer more
Persuades characters to reveal things
He acts as the storyteller
Encourages characters to acknowledge their guilt
He is in control
Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
Character that killed…read more

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Themes and Images
Status/Social Class
High social class insulates the Birling's and Gerald form the unpleasantness of reality
Birling only worries about the scandal Eric might have caused which would damage the Birlings'
Eva is seen as having little value as a human being particularly by Mrs B
Priestley wants the audience to see how unfairly the working class was treated by the upper
Priestley uses the inspector to get the message across that people should look out for each
other no matter…read more

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Only worries about business
Doesn't feel guilt…read more

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Writer Technique
The set is cramped which makes the atmosphere of the play seem intense
Small sets shows that the Birlings are self-centred and how unwelcoming they are to
Audience sense problems in Sheila and Gerald's relationship before the Inspector arrives as
Shelia should be `half serious, half playful `
Audience realises that Eric has a drinking problem from him being half drunk and toasting to
Sheila and Gerald `rather noisily'
Pink lighting highlights that the Birlings see everything through rose tinted lens…read more


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